Saturday, 23 April 2016


Biafra agitation is not a problem, the huge problem is the way and manner Nigeria has responded to it by not allowing Biafrans to go. The fact is that Nigerian government and Nigerians misconceive the issue and are therefore paranoid about it.

The fact that Biafrans are trooping to the North to live and trade doesn't stop them from having their own country. For instance, United Kingdom consist of four separate nations (ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, NORTHERN IRLAND AND WALES) yet England remains the home of trade to all of them. Also the Jews from Israel constitute to majority of the success of America today but it doesn't in no way stop them from identifying with their fatherland Israel. Similarly, the Biafrans owning 70% of estates, plazas and hotels in Lagos and Abuja doesn't stop them from agitating for their own country. The Biafrans can still freely do their trade in Lagos, Kano, Abuja and others with their Biafran embassies issuing them dignified passports which guarantees them an international standard protection just as the Chinese and Lebanese who operate in Nigeria.
 The process of secession has been improved and made peaceful under international laws, so it’s no longer an issue of war just like Nigeria experienced from 1967 to 1970. I therefore advice my dear Fulani soldiers to stop being manipulated into brutality, and for those of you waiting to confiscate the properties of Biafrans if they succeed in getting their country, sorry to disappoint because that can never be possible.
It should be noted that Biafrans don't necessarily need their political leaders to get Biafra, it is a movement hence the majority of the people decides. Check the process of the failed Scotland bid and the recent break up of Nations across the world, they are all masses driven and not politically driven. Gordon Brown, the former British PM and all prominent Scottish politicians, celebrities and sportsmen all advocated for Scotland not to Secede yet Scotland nearly Seceded. Britain conceded so much power and freedom to them that Scotland ate her cake and still have it. It is a country within a country. Therefore, Igbo prominent men and politicians will be no different and are not expected to support the call for Biafra independence.

 Modern secession is determined by referendum. It is masses that determine the outcome not the corrupt wealthy politicians, so those millions of Biafran protesters are the ones to decide not the likes of Coscharis or Rockview owners.
 Biafra will surely come and it will bring an end to the marginalisation and subjugation placed on many Biafrans across the country. This is because they'll operate in Nigeria as expatriates with functional Biafran embassy which will provide adequate protection, take up their grievances and force Nigerian via International laws to compensate for any of their damaged goods and infrastructures. The Biafran civil servants, company and Bank workers will transfer to Biafran branches of their firms, Banks or agencies while logistics on their pensions and salaries will be worked out. These things are orderly done according UN process of dividing countries.
The Ijaw man or Niger Deltan who is afraid of the illusion of Igbo man domination should know that Igbos have oil and has in their States including coal and many others. Therefore, the Niger Delta people should john the movement rather than sit and doubt Noah while he builds the ark. Click Here to Download Our Android App