Monday, 4 April 2016

Read What Buhari Told A 13 Year Old Girl Who Interviewed Him In Washington DC

13-year-old Nigerian girl who interviewed president Muhammadu Buhari in Washington D.C has revealed more on the encounter between both of them. Zuriel Oduwole who has interviewed 18 presidents and youngest in the world to have been on the cover of Forbes Magazine -took to her social media page to write. Read what she wrote below:

‘’Meeting President Buhari of Nigeria. So when the world calls a country Giant of Africa, it could mean many things. I started my day today with a Giant Breakfast at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington DC. The Hotel paid for everything – I guess because the LORD is the real owner. Thank you Jesus. I read some news to know all that’s going on, before my meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari. I talked to him about Education, I asked him about the fuel scarcity in Nigeria, the issue of the fuel subsidy, the economic situation and the crash of Naira. He responded with; ‘we are working on it; Nigerians need to be patient with my government’. Just that sir? Yes, they need to be patient because we are fixing the country’’. Click Here to Download Our Android App