Sunday, 17 April 2016

Snake Kills 9 Months Old Baby Of A Boko Haram Commander

A nine-month child whom a Boko Haram commander had with one of his female captives has been killed by a snake. The incident happened last weekend when the deceased child was sleeping beside his 17-year-old mother.

According to the BBC, the snake crept into their compound where they were relaxing as a result of the heat inside the house.
The mother identified as Zara was rescued during a military operation in Sambisa Forest, a stronghold of the sect in Borno.
In her first conversation with outsiders since her abduction over a year ago, she said she had not recovered from the pains. Zara said life was tough and dangerous, as air force jets bombarded the vast Sambisa. “They gave us a choice – to be married, or to be a slave. I decided to marry,” the BBC quoted her as saying. She was eventually rescued and reunited with her relatives, but the stigma she faced made her yearn for a return to Sambisa.
“People call me a Boko Haram wife and called me a criminal. They didn’t want me near. They didn’t like me,” Zara said.
Commenting on Zara’s life after Sambisa, Mohamed Umaru, her uncle said: “The women in our family realised she was three months pregnant.
“In our family it happens that some of us are Christians and some are Muslims. She was a Christian before she was kidnapped but the Boko Haram who married her turned her into a Muslim.”
There was a split in the family over what to do and they took a vote as to whether she should abort or keep the child.
The majority prevailed and she gave birth to a boy.
“She said her husband’s father is called Usman, so that is how she named the child,” Mohamed said.
Zara said she had become an outcast in her community.