Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Doyin Okupe Advises Governors To Sack Workers

Doyin Okupe, former senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, has urged state governors to downsize their civil service instead of frequently approaching President Muhammadu Buhari for bailout.

His advice comes one day after this year’s edition of Workers’ Day, celebrated all over the country in recognition of the role of the civil service in national development.
In a statement he released on his Facebook wall on Monday, Okupe lamented the situation where 10 percent of a state’s population, the civil service, consumes 90 percent of its revenues. He therefore recommended an “immediate 20-30% cut down in staff strength… with provision of, say, upfront payment of three years’ salaries for affected members of staff.”
He also called for an end to the practice of governors committing their states to any volume of indebtedness, saying it doesn’t matter that the state legislatures have to give their approval first.
In recent times state Governors have unanimously approached the President for financial assistance for them to meet up with their obligations especially the payment of workers’ salaries.
They came severally with caps in hand and have received assistance sought twice.
It will be recalled that it was state governors and their governments that forced the hand of the former President to share and more or less plundered the savings in the Excess Crude Account.
It is becoming clearer and more certain daily that unless a miracle happens many states will be unable to meet up with their financial obligations and may actually face imminent bankruptcy if the economic situation in the country worsens. If you can’t pay workers as a State Governor, sack them.