Friday, 1 April 2016

Johnson’s Baby Powder Causing Cancer?

Moore than 1,000 people are suing Johnson & Johnson Co. and Imerys Talc America, with the claim that the multinational company which produces baby power amongst other products fail to warn them that the baby power causes ovarian cancer, a mistake which they consider as sheer negligence.

This led to a Missouri jury awarding $72 million to the family of an Alabama woman who died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson's well-known baby powder and other products containing talcum.
Marvin Salter of Jacksonville, Florida, said his late mother, who was a foster parent, used the iconic talcum powder as a bathroom staple for decades. A study revealed that a long term use of Johnson’s Baby Powder Talc-based products in the genital area increases the risk of ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends the use of corn-starch-based baby powder rather than talc-based products.